Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Smells like Halloween Spirit

All hallows eve is COOL.

Halloween holds a very special place in my heart. The veil between both worlds at its most vulnerable. People disguising themselves to fool and ward off the evil spirits. Everything spooky all the time.

As a child, every holiday is so magical. Lately however, I've realized that as an adult things are less magical when you have work, bills, no holiday related projects at school lol, etc. So my boyfriend and I decided that we're going to create it ourselves! I wanted the good ol All Hallows Eve experience. Halloween festivities, soundtrack, food, movies, and all.

Tyler, like the amazing boyfriend he is, made sure my Halloween was a marvelous one. He started by taking me to the pumpkin patch. There we found the most perfect pumpkins! We then went to the Haunted Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. It was pretty much the normal shark reef with cobwebs and spooky music but I appreciated the reefs effort. Afterwards we went to the Springs Preserve to see the decorations and all the kids in their fun costumes.

 On the day of Halloween, I woke my boyfriend up, got my niece dressed and ready and we were off!  We bought all my ingredients and some crafts from Michael's. My boyfriend had to work later on so I spent the day making goodies, decorating and having a spooky time. For the most part I spent the day by my lonesome but with having so much to do in such little time, I  didn't even notice.

I made butternut squash soup from scratch, toxic waste mac n cheese, mummy rice krispies, mummy hot dogs, and Frankenstein Halloween pops! This years costume I was the over-achieving mom.

My roommate helped me decorate our front door last minute with green galaxy party lights, scented candles, a skeleton, busted out my bluetooth speaker and played spooky tunes. All the kiddos LOVED it. One kid started dancing when he heard Superstition by Stevie Wonder and I DIED! I gave him what he deserved... more candy!!

This year has definitely had the Halloween spirit, and quite frankly I wish it didnt have to end. I'm not ready to be in the Thanksgiving or Christmas spirit. Less givey lovey, more spooky creepy please!


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Melanie said...

This looks so fun! I love making a big deal out of holidays!