Saturday, October 22, 2016


Dog moms are weird. I might be weirder.

So.. I might be obsessed with my dog. Well, actually, saying "might" suggests that there's a possibility that I am not obsessed with my dog and that's untrue. I'm 100% obsessed with my dog. Molly's so sweet, and cuddly, and cute, and always has the best intentions. Everyone who meets her falls in love. Well, everyone besides my roommate.

So I decided to make a portrait of her. I went out to buy some materials, busted out a glass of wine and made a day of it!

She needed to be immortalized. Generations of pups after her have to know who she is! Plus, it was a fun thing to do. I sort of wish I did this with my first dog Princess.

By no means am I a good painter, but there was something therapeutic about the whole process. As I was painting I felt this weird calm come over me. All I was focused on was painting.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It will most definitely be hung in the new apartment. Oh and you can totally follow her adventure on instagram @mollytomato .

I am a proud dog mom. Hear me woof.


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