Friday, October 14, 2016

Snip & Post.

Sometimes you just need to change your life up. So I did a thing. And then did another thing.

Thanks to my wonderful gal pal Psalm, my hair is short and new. Goodbye dead ends, goodbye old friends. I have this weird attachment to my hair. It's seen things with me. It was there when I turned 23, it was there when I explored Seattle, it was there for me when I moved out. However, with all relationships, where there are hills there are valleys. My hair was so mad at me after I dyed it grey, it started to split and die. It also would take so long to dry, curl, etc. And the grease, don't even get me started on the grease. So farewell good friend. Here is to the new memories and experiences that are yet to come.

Oh and the second thing? I relaunched my blog! How's that for changing things up?


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