Sunday, October 16, 2016

Home Sense.

I've got a major problem!

I'm addicted to home decor. It's all I think about lately since I'm moving out of my brothers house.
I scan the wayfair app until 4am. Weekly trips to HomeGoods and purchasing pillows, candles, and throws.

I created an "inspiration board" for each room on Photoshop with real furniture I own/plan on purchasing.

I bought an app for $10 that creates 3D models of homes you can create from scratch and then furnish.


However, this problem has sparked an interest that I always had but never really paid much attention to.

I remember in middle school there was a career fair project. You had to choose a career, research it, and put together a trifold poster board about it. I chose interior design. I bought ribbon and decorative paper and went to town. You can bet your ass mine was chosen to be displayed at the library for all of the students at Del Webb to see.

This whole moving process has really shown me what it is I like to spend my time on. Maybe I could explore this even more. Who knows. All I know is, I like where this is heading.


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