Sunday, May 12, 2013

In order to get, you've gotta be willing to give.

I've been lost without you. I'm back. Blogging feels good again. Quick update without getting into too much detail.
-I'm not going to school at the moment (Not a dropout! Just a breather..)
-I quit my job at the restaurant to work at AllSaints.
-I had a boyfriend, then broke up with him.
-My dog is getting older and sicker.
-I'm 20 years old. How did that happen?!
-I cut my hair off! Okay so it doesn't look like it but I did cut it to my collar bone but it grew out.
-and I feel completely lost in my life.

Recently I learned that in order to get a little, I need to start giving a little. So here I am, putting myself out there again. Only sitting patiently to see what I might get back. You're in my heart if you're reading this.


Anyways, onto the clothing!
On me:
-Blazer: Rhapsodielle
-Praduh Tee: MadeInHella
-Shorts: God Knows where.
-Shoes: Hessian Boot by AllSaints.

P.S. Don't forget to basque in my Quinceanera photos in the background. I often wonder what15 year old Rosy would think of 20 year old Rosy.My most sincerest apologies for ever leaving, I know many don't care but we didn't even get a proper break-up. No more vanishing. I promise.

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