Friday, September 9, 2011

An old new.

I apologize for being M.I.A college can do that to a girl!! anyways, I have so much to fill you in on!
-College started about two weeks ago and I don't know how I feel about it. Do I like it? Do I not like it? It's hard to adjust to. I feel alone in a sense. I haven't made any new friends and it all seems a little tough. My sister says that changes and things get better in about a month-ish. I'm starting my third week.

-I might be gettting a job. I applied at this restaurant my friend works at and they have called me in for a third and final interview. I'm scared. What if I can't handle a job and school? Plus, what about my family?? I LOVE spending time with my mom and time apart from her makes me pout.

-Season three of The Vampire Diaries is next Thursday on the 15th!!! I just watched the second season and I don't understand how they keep making it AH-MAZING! Plus, my love for Ian Somerhalder is sad. I spent 15 minutes convincing and persuading my sister on my he is perfect and why she should think so too.

-I got new glasses! The ones in these pictures were my old Oliver Peoples - Nom de Guerre (RIP). They were taken away by the Cancun's ocean.

- I unofficially own a cat! A cat randomly showed up one night in front of my door step and it wanted love so I pet it and now it comes back! I love it. It's unofficial because my parents would never let me own a cat so basically all it does is come to me at night and I play with it. I named him/her Leon. Short for Leonardo.

Now you are completely up to speed on whats been going on in my life. I know it's not much and I'm not as exciting as Vampire Diaries but bare with me! I'm getting back into the groove of things and finding a balance. Life is just being thrown at me and I don't exactly know what to do.

Adieu, Rosy

Black Shirt - Thrifted
Black skirt - who knows?
Red bag - garage sale
Bracelets - Forever 21
Boots-rack room shoes


CANDACE said...

your blog is so cute ! :) goodluck in college! checkk out my blog?july+after

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

cutest hat!

<3 steffy

t said...

Nice outfit!


It's hard to meet people while still living at home -- I did that for my first year. I honestly didn't have many college friends until a year or two in. Everyone's different, though! I would concentrate on succeeding in school and work first and foremost. You'll do great :)

Anonymous said...

Visiting your blog is always such a pleasure, your content is fantastic and I love your writing style. It sucks to hear you aren't enjoying yourself at college, I'm sure it will get better! I'm only a freshman and life is already getting tougher, haha :) Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Veena <3

Chelsea Lane said...

this is so exciting with the kitty and the job--I'm sure everything will turn out perfectly! lovely shots girl, your outfit is adorable :)


Amanda Park said...

super cute blog!! follow each other?


Anonymous said...

What an amazing outfit, I love the photography too! I'm sure you'll be able to juggle a job, college and family life; so good luck for the interview! There's a new post up on my blog with details on my first giveaway, so feel free to stop by!
xoxo, Veena

ttFNx said...

These photographs are gorgeous! x

Bridget said...

love the glasses!

Iman Esther said...

Good lukc with the job and college. It can be hard the first few weeks but I'm sure you'll make friends.

I love you're outfit x