Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Til death do us part.

Am I weird? I sort of think about my future wedding... a lot! I think about whether I want callalillie or nosegay flowers, afternoon or evening reception, vintage or modern. I always like to think about how I'm going to decorate my mason jar centerpieces and how my chairs are going to be Chiavari Ballroom Chairs. I absolutely LOVE love and weddings. Am I jinxing myself by thinking too much about it? Will I never get married because I'm planning it too much? I try to stop but I just can't help it! I just love all of the details of that special day where you commit to the love of the rest of your life. Don't judge my weirdness. I'm an 18yr old girl who lives with her parents in the suburbs of Las Vegas, I have nothing else to do! So I sit on the computer and just absolutely DIE too all of the ideas on Green Wedding Shoes That site has everything from vintage weddings, to modern ones, themed weddings, elaborate ones and delicate simple ones. I am obsessed with Dana and Joel's wedding. The decorations, the entrance, all of it. Does anyone else think about their weddings as much as I do? Or am I freak who was meant to have a job in events management?
shirt - Assistance League Thrift Shop
skirt - Rhapsodielle
boots - Rack Room Shoes
glasses - Oliver Peoples
bracelets - Forever 21

P.s. I painted my nails red! and tomorrow is the last day of testing and then Thursday is graduation rehearsal!
P.p.s the show in the background is Inside the Actors Studio. I LOVE that show!



Leah said...

ahha you are not weird! I used to be like that too. Now, I finally get to plan it for real and I am soooo excited! And it helps that I have collected so many ideas over the years.

xo L.

Paige Renae said...

Trust me, you are not alone! My best friend and I have spent many a day talking about and planning our future weddings! It's so fun I simply can't resist! Green wedding shoes is also one of my favorites. 100 Layer Cake is another AMAZING one.
Paige Renae

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I love thinking about weddings too! The decor, the food, the dress, there's so much to think about! I've been lucky enough to be a flower girl three times, so I think I've had my fair share of weddings!
xoxo, Veena <3



Sweets, I think most girls are just like you! On the other hand, I never really thought about my wedding day until recently...


i love your hair and awesome glasses

unitatan said...

Cool outfit! :D

UnitaTan http://unitatan.blogspot.com/

Rosy P. said...

thank you guys so much!! <3