Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ends not near, it's here.

Here's a little random unnecessary trivia about me: the title of this post was the name of the 92nd episode, the series finale, of one of my favorite television programs... The O.C. and is completely relevant to life. I graduated high school June 21st, 2011.  For most, it was bitter sweet, as for me is was beyond sweet. Knowing that that part of my life is behind me is sort of a real relief. I'm not going to bore you with how I had a hate/love/more hate relationship with high school because I already have but I guess all I really have to say is that I'm ready to go. Ready to move on. It's weird because I think graduating is like your birthday, you hope magically you feel different, maybe older, or more mature. Then you think about it and you realize you feel no different than the day before. I am trying my darn hardest to avoid that feeling. Part of me really does feel graduated and maybe a little older because I have actually taken the initiative to close that door that led to high school. I deactivated my facebook, deleted more than about half my phonebook, avoided graduation parties because I would just be going back to what I was dying to get away from. By doing so, I have so much more time for me and my family and the friends I actually TRY to contact. I enjoy living simple and quiet. I don't need to know who is in a relationship, I don't need to see who hooked up with who, who got hotter, or who's having the best summer, I don't need to know every detail of someones life. I DONT CARE. All I care about is my immediate friends, music, books, crafts and enjoying the simple life. Although, I'm still available here and twitter.
So here's to the next couple of months!

My brother and his girlfriend.
The whole family.
Luann my twin, X
mama & papa <3
Anj, one of my closest friends since the 6th grade& Ana
Danielle, the girl who has been there all 4 years of high school, highs and lows.
Roslyn, the only mexican at school I actually related to.
Vanessa, the lovely lady who I've known since the 5th grade.
I didn't get a new car, but my lovely car did get a paint job and now it looks so sick!
SHOES: If you can sneak a peek I am wearing these new heels from Aldo and they are seriously TO DIE for. They have a chunky heel which I have been dyingg to get now.
Aldo Helssing-99
DRESS:  Adrianna Papell Illusion Bodice Jersey Sheath Dress



Patricia said...

THOSE shoes from ALDO are to die for, definitely :)

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

awe, congrats rosy!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Great post! Congrats to you! I graduated high school many years ago and you are on to something...don't waste time on those who are just in your life that you don't have real connections to. You are getting ready for the next step, you will meet new and amazing people and do awesome things. My best friends now are the ones I made in college and beyond. Go do your thing girl! Sorry for the long comment - I just really liked your post.
We are now following you and would love for you to visit our blog and follow back if you like.

Jayme (& Mendi)

Rosy P. said...

@Patricia thanks for thinking so! they give me so much confidence the moment I slip into them!

@steffy thanks girl! (:

@Jayme and Mendi why thank you so much! I'm pretty sure once in college I will meet people who are more like me and interested in the same things. &It's fine I LOVE long comments, they mae me feel like people actually want to talk or comment on my post (:
P.S. I love your blog!

Kristina said...

congrats girl!