Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ends not near, it's here.

Here's a little random unnecessary trivia about me: the title of this post was the name of the 92nd episode, the series finale, of one of my favorite television programs... The O.C. and is completely relevant to life. I graduated high school June 21st, 2011.  For most, it was bitter sweet, as for me is was beyond sweet. Knowing that that part of my life is behind me is sort of a real relief. I'm not going to bore you with how I had a hate/love/more hate relationship with high school because I already have but I guess all I really have to say is that I'm ready to go. Ready to move on. It's weird because I think graduating is like your birthday, you hope magically you feel different, maybe older, or more mature. Then you think about it and you realize you feel no different than the day before. I am trying my darn hardest to avoid that feeling. Part of me really does feel graduated and maybe a little older because I have actually taken the initiative to close that door that led to high school. I deactivated my facebook, deleted more than about half my phonebook, avoided graduation parties because I would just be going back to what I was dying to get away from. By doing so, I have so much more time for me and my family and the friends I actually TRY to contact. I enjoy living simple and quiet. I don't need to know who is in a relationship, I don't need to see who hooked up with who, who got hotter, or who's having the best summer, I don't need to know every detail of someones life. I DONT CARE. All I care about is my immediate friends, music, books, crafts and enjoying the simple life. Although, I'm still available here and twitter.
So here's to the next couple of months!

My brother and his girlfriend.
The whole family.
Luann my twin, X
mama & papa <3
Anj, one of my closest friends since the 6th grade& Ana
Danielle, the girl who has been there all 4 years of high school, highs and lows.
Roslyn, the only mexican at school I actually related to.
Vanessa, the lovely lady who I've known since the 5th grade.
I didn't get a new car, but my lovely car did get a paint job and now it looks so sick!
SHOES: If you can sneak a peek I am wearing these new heels from Aldo and they are seriously TO DIE for. They have a chunky heel which I have been dyingg to get now.
Aldo Helssing-99
DRESS:  Adrianna Papell Illusion Bodice Jersey Sheath Dress


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You can hear, but not listen.

Have you ever felt like life is out of control? And not in a good way? Some days can begin mundane, turn into something beautiful, and then end horribly. The only way to see this is that the Lord created that day for a reason. That boy broke up with you, or she won this, or your mother bought you that, or you cried because of something, it all happens for a reason. I truly believe it. Nothing in life is a coincidence. When I look back at the short life I've lived and think back to the moments where I let someone take advantage of me or where I lost friends, I've become a better person for it and learned from those experiences. I know more and can become a better me for it. It's not about morals or religious belief, heck you could be an agnostic, it doesn't matter, becoming a better YOU is essential to growth and the becoming of an adult. Age has nothing to do with being an adult, you could be 22 and not be an adult, you could be 45 and still not be an adult. Your actions is what makes you an adult. If you cannot grow as a person then how will your life ever change? If you make the same decisions, you'll get the same results. 
What's interesting is that, I go to church almost every Sunday and the homily(or sermon) is the same every time. (click to see a definition of homily/sermon) What I mean is that the sermon told on the 2nd week of lent in 2005 will be the same sermon told on the 2nd week of lent in 2006, 2007, 2008, etc. Of course not EVERY homily is the same but the important ones are usually repeated. Now the most interesting part of this is that, what the homily meant to me in 2005 will not mean the same thing to me in 2011. Because I grew and have experienced more and different things since then, my outlook on those stories and lessons are different. So although the priest's words are the same, the meaning is different. I can take something different every time because I'm not that same person. SO LONG STORY SHORT: Even when life feels out of control, that's EXACTLY how it's supposed to be at that moment of time. Don't try to avoid or stop it, embrace it and allow some space for growth.
I got new shoes!! This is one pair, they're my lovely new wedges!
Necklace: Forever 21
Stripe Top - Rhapsodielle
Vest - Thrift
Skirt - I forget
Shoes - Nine West


P.S. I am officially graduated as of June 21st, 2011!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Til death do us part.

Am I weird? I sort of think about my future wedding... a lot! I think about whether I want callalillie or nosegay flowers, afternoon or evening reception, vintage or modern. I always like to think about how I'm going to decorate my mason jar centerpieces and how my chairs are going to be Chiavari Ballroom Chairs. I absolutely LOVE love and weddings. Am I jinxing myself by thinking too much about it? Will I never get married because I'm planning it too much? I try to stop but I just can't help it! I just love all of the details of that special day where you commit to the love of the rest of your life. Don't judge my weirdness. I'm an 18yr old girl who lives with her parents in the suburbs of Las Vegas, I have nothing else to do! So I sit on the computer and just absolutely DIE too all of the ideas on Green Wedding Shoes That site has everything from vintage weddings, to modern ones, themed weddings, elaborate ones and delicate simple ones. I am obsessed with Dana and Joel's wedding. The decorations, the entrance, all of it. Does anyone else think about their weddings as much as I do? Or am I freak who was meant to have a job in events management?
shirt - Assistance League Thrift Shop
skirt - Rhapsodielle
boots - Rack Room Shoes
glasses - Oliver Peoples
bracelets - Forever 21

P.s. I painted my nails red! and tomorrow is the last day of testing and then Thursday is graduation rehearsal!
P.p.s the show in the background is Inside the Actors Studio. I LOVE that show!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Au Revoir, you wont be missed

Au Revoir senior year, you came and went. It's quite funny actually because as I look back I think of how ridiculous it was and how unimportant it is and yet SO vital to my growth as a person.Unfortunately that growth came in weight and not height! It's like this exhausting weight over my shoulders is being taken off slowly and soothingly. How relieved I am that high school is over! I'm not quite thinking about college either though, I sort of just want to enjoy those late summer nights painting the town, living in revelry . Those nights when Vegas is your town, your home, your turf,  you know it like the back of your hand. So good bye to an end of a memorable chapter in my life. I will be entering my last week of high school and the very last day will be graduation rehearsals. Will I cry on graduation? I don't think so. But then again I didn't think I'd tear up while watching Jumanji, but, well, you can guess how that ended...
On a different note, I painted my nails this off-white, gray color. I love it! It's giving my favorite nail polish color, black, a run for its money.
stripe top - Rhapsodielle
pleated skirt - garage sale
new boots! - Mexico!
nail polish - avon
bracelets - Forever 21
belt - vintage