Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Neglected baby

I've neglected my blog for almost a whole month. This I shall apologize for. I'm in my last month of school and to be honest my drive to look cute to school is running out. It's the same classes, with the same people, and is slowly becoming the same outfits. I just have no one to really impress or dress for. Now although the majority of why I dress is for me, I do like to dress to look nice in front of my peers. But as the days begin to dwindle I see that my outfit choices have been more and more sluggish. I can't possibly take pictures of the ugly outfits and show them on here. So here I leave you with a photo of me from on the bus to GradNight in California making a fishy face. Disneyland at night is sort of a dream.
but definitely look out for my Graduation look, you sure as hell know that when graduation comes around I am going to get some bomb-ass shoes for a last hoo-rah.
Adieu, Rosy

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tangled in the Stars

That was the name of my Prom, Tangled in the Stars. I'm not really a high school dance sort of girl because, well, let's face it, I'm not a high school type of girl. So dances never sparked an interest. I really could not have cared less about homecoming, sadies, or prom. Non of it seemed worth my effort or time, so much so that my friend in my zoology class attempted to persuade me to go saying that it was "our last year and we have to make it special" and that its the last dance of our high school careers and I flat out told him, "You really over estimate how much I care about high school." Because the truth is, I just don't care. But somehow, magically my friends convinced me to go. I last minute bought a long tool skirt from storets and a top from charrlotte russe and sewed on a chain to the top and I was done. Of course, Prom was everything I expected it to be, mundane. You had your girls with their bejeweled dresses and then you had the girls with the revealing dresses and then you had both. Luckily I didn't have high expectations because if I did the whole night would have been a disaster. I think this only corroborated the fact that I was never meant for high school. In two days it will be exactly one month until I'm done. Counting down.
Overall it was a good night with some awesome friends.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

18 year old Voodoo

18 years young! My life is JUST beginning. To celebrate my family took me and Valerie to the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio. My dad works at the Rio as a bartender so he gets a discount. I don't feel any different than my 17year old self but I do like it when people say I'm 18. When I, or someone else says that I'm 18, it feels like, yea.... I'M EIGHTEEN. Although, in Vegas, 18 means absolutely nothing but strip clubs and cigarettes, it still has its perks... Anyways, this is my friend Valerie from Germany! She has now left but it was so much fun having her!

This drink is so awesome! they put dry ice in it causing the foggy cauldron look.

The blue is fire! They put a little alcohol on my dessert and then lit it up!

Every time I think about moving out to LA, or New York, or wherever the wind takes me, I take a look at Las Vegas from a special spot I know and I begin to think about how attached I am to Vegas. I love its backwards ways and neon lights. It's home.