Thursday, April 28, 2011

upside, down slide, in slide, out slide

I am a teeny girl who stands at 5feet; if I'm lucky I'm 5'1. I like to blame it on my scoliosis and say that the curve in my back is causing me to be shorter than what I really should be, but let's face it, I would only really be about an inch, MAYBE two taller. We can all conclude that I just wasn't born with the genes (I thank my short Mexican parents for that). For a girl of that height losing and gaining weight is a big deal. 5 pounds can make a hell of a difference. Lately I've been up and down on the scale. Summer last year I was plumpler at around 138 (which is quite a lot for a little girl like me) but then July I decided to stop eating meat for the love of animals and unintentionally lost 12lbs. Did you read that? TWELVE pounds, on a girl who is 5ft?? That's like a miracle. Lately, however, I think I've gained some weight again, not think I know, I can feel it. I haven't checked the scale because, frankly, I'm afraid to. I was SO proud of losing that weight, that seeing me weigh anymore might make me sad. So I was curious, what do you do to lose weight? What sort of exercises do you enjoy and find the most result in? Or are you just lucky and was born with the pretty people gene? I'm thinking of joining a class like kick-boxing or spin class.

-I've recently bought and have been digging the new Maroon 5 cd. It's quite swell! It has the right amount of love songs &songs that make you feel bad-ass. 
- I have been HOOKED on Vampire Diaries. I thought I really liked Pretty Little Liars? Oh no, my friends. You do not know drama and a phenomenal story line until you have watched Vampire Diaries. I know what you're thinking, ew it's like Twilight, I'm so done with Vampires, etc, because that's exactly what I thought which is why I refused to watch it last year but since the hype (at least in my mind) has died down a bit, I watched it with a friend. Now let me tell you 1st of all the books that it is based off of is OLDER than Twilight, and 2nd of all it is NOTHING like Twilight. I recently had a research project in english about vampires (we're reading Dracula) and I compared the characteristics of modern vampires and they truly are nothing alike, I recommend 100000x!I do warn that the first episode is a teensy bit twilighty, but everything after that is not. But I mean, it has Ian Somerhalder in it, do you NEED any more reason than that?? How could ever resist those sultry, icy blue eyes?
- Lastly, I have a confirmed crush on my english teacher. Is that wrong? I mean I KNOW nothing could ever happen and not like I would want it to, but he is just so quirky and interesting. He has so much knowledge about british literature and knows so much about movies and appreciates older films. He has the cutest smile and is just adorable! He is witty and funny and everything in between. If only he was younger and not married and didn't have 2 children. OH WELL! haha! By the way this isn't my first crush on an english teacher of mine. Sophomore year of high school, I had another crush on an english teacher. He, too, was quirky and he played guitar and was just awkwardly cute. I'm a weird 18 year old girl who has crushes on oder men, what can ya do?

P.S. AGAIN - I am SOOO sorry about the lack of outfit posts. Once my friend Valerie is back home and things are back to normal I can start posting outfits! Bear with me hear!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love to run, but i find that mixing running and weight training always keeps my weight down! also waling uphill on a treadmill is easy and burns lots of calories :)

Btw: my blog has been temporarily de activated by blogger bc it was mistaken as a spammer! Ugh, I know, but the link below leads to my temporary blog at steffysprosandcons.COM

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons


I always have crushes on English teachers, too! I didn't even realize the pattern until now haha. I guess I just love a well-read man!

I did not realize how small you are! I'm 5'8" and I thought you were almost my height. You carry yourself well!

To lose weight, I do everything I know I'm supposed to do but don't -- work out 5 days per week, eat more vegetables, don't eat sweets, don't drink. Of course, I haven't done this in awhile and have gained some weight myself.

You'll lose it again, but either way, I'm sure you're just as gorgeous as you've always been.
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Rosy P. said...

@Steffy that all sounds awesome! you have areally cool ways to exercise!!
Thanks for the heads up lovely(:

@Stephanie yea I'm TEENY! I WISH I was your height! thank you for your sweet comments (: