Wednesday, April 6, 2011

something dear to my heart

To everyone who follows me, I hope you are all aware that although this blog is predominately about my style and life it is also a blog about my personal feelings and isn't always just about clothes. So with that in mind I would like to bring a subject dear to my heart to light. I am indeed a friend of animals and would love to just enlighten you about the benefits of adopting, and not just buying, a loving pet.

"This year, animal shelters will be forced to kill millions of wonderful dogs and cats for want of one thing: a good home. Why? Because many of the people in your local dog park or veterinary waiting room—people who truly love their dogs and cats—have behaved irresponsibly by obtaining an animal from a pet shop or breeder and failing to have him or her spayed or neutered.
These are the people who are responsible for taking the lives of homeless animals—not your local shelter workers. Buying a dog or cat from a breeder or pet shop contributes to the death rate in shelters.
When people buy a dog or cat, perhaps they think that homeless animals don't factor into their purchase, or perhaps they are honestly oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of animals who are waiting on death row at that very moment. They have room in their home and heart that could be filled by rescuing one of those wonderful, loving dogs or cats who were booted out, got lost, or fell victim to a human's accident or death. They would have felt that animal's gratitude for years to come.
There is one more way in which people add to the crisis, and that is by fooling themselves into thinking that it doesn't count if they breed their dog or cat just one time. But it does matter very much. Please join PETA in calling on the governors of all 50 states to endorse mandatory spay-and-neuter laws that would require dogs and cats to be sterilized unless their owners purchase an annual breeding permit—the cost of which would fund low-cost spay-and-neuter services."
Now just because you currently own an animal that you bought from a pet shop or breeder doesn't mean you're some cruel killer with no heart, we are just uninformed. But I cannot urge enough to just make sure to spread the word about the benefits about adopting and spraying and neutering. Thank you dearly, from the bottom of my little heart if you read this. 
A blog post about prom will be up soon to counterbalance my blog haha

With much love and sympathy,


Lesley said...

i wish i wasn't allergic to kittens, because i would totally adopt several!

and i'm totally on peta's mailing list already, etc. haha.

you go girl for being active with this issue!

Gayle said...

What a great post! I am an animal rescue volunteer (German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County) and I can never stress enough about the importance of choosing adoption rather than buying an animal from a pet store.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!

-Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

aw great post, i usually adopt pets bc they are more in need of love!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons


This is amazing! I love animals and wish I could have one of my own -- I live with my boyfriend and he doesn't want one. Someday, when we have a real house and a backyard to play in, we'll adopt a dog or two I'm sure! This is a great cause, though, and I'd love to get involved.

Glad to see you back honey!
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Rosy P. said...

@Lesley awwhh I wish you werent allergic either! Its the thought that counts! and thanks!! (:
@Gayle Are you kidding me? Thank YOU! You're the one being super active, love what you do girly! (:
@Steffy absolutely, those poets are the ones that need the love (:
@Stephanie How could your boyfriend not want one?!Dang, Im sorry! That sounds like a great idea! and thanks (: