Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

So I know I already posted about dogs but this ones real small but SUPER important! A dog-sled company in Whistler, British Columbia, ordered the killing of 100 dogs in April, 2010, when bookings for adventure tourism slumped after the Olympic Games. They couldn't afford all of the healthy sled dogs so they slaughtered them. HERE is a petition that is for the prevention of animal cruelty in British Columbia. I and the hundreds of future animals will be grateful to everyone who signs the petition.
Okay, Now I PROMISE tomorrow I will have a normal post.
Thanks for you help and support!


Anonymous said...

Ian Somerhalder? Really? I loved your blog to death already, but now you've given me another reason.

Audrie Anne

Katie said...

Now this just makes me sad. I hope all those involved in killing the dogs get hit by a truck.

Anonymous said...

signing. <3

Rosy P. said...

@Audrey Yes the lovely Ian Somerhalder! awh thank you so much! That is such a sweet thing to say, thank you, truly. (:
@Katie It made me extrememly sad, whenever I hear about things like this I always start to cry. I can't even watching those commercials on TV for the humane society because I begin to cry lol I hope they get hit by a truck too! haha
@Visonsofmemories Wow. Thank you SO much! You are truly amazing!


What a sad story! Signed!!!

christen + shane said...

wow, this is absolutely horrible! thanks for sharing, just signed it.