Monday, April 18, 2011

Fehlende in Aktion.

Hey lovely friends! So I may be a little MIA this week or two. I have company! My friend from Celle, Germany has arrived for Spring Break and is staying at my house. I have been way too busy taking her places and making sure she isn't bored! I'll try to do an outfit post tomorrow, maybe. We;re going down to the strip to go shopping, so we shall see! Sorry, I've been super flaky lately! 

P.S. Has anyone of you guys ever gotten a fake I.D. I've never really seen one in real life and lately I've been curious about them, I mean do people actually use them anymore? What are your encounter? 
P.P.S This is my first blog post as an 18 year old!!

Auf Wiedersehen,



Welcome to adulthood! Have fun with your friend.
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Rosy P. said...

@Stephanie woohoo! Thank You!! (:

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

hahahahaha congrats Rosy - you can join the military but you cant buy beer. Fake ID's dont waste your MONEY!!! My friend bought a "very good" one for $90 and never got in anywhere...places really check! dont do it Rosy dont do it!!!!!!!!

Rosy P. said...

hahaha dont worry, I wont! (: I'm pretty sure I can wait, I guess what got me interested was the fact that this friend of mine asked me if I wanted one for $100 and I thought, hmm I mean in Vegas a lot of music places are 21+ but I also wouldnt want to waste my money, so I'm not lol