Thursday, April 28, 2011

upside, down slide, in slide, out slide

I am a teeny girl who stands at 5feet; if I'm lucky I'm 5'1. I like to blame it on my scoliosis and say that the curve in my back is causing me to be shorter than what I really should be, but let's face it, I would only really be about an inch, MAYBE two taller. We can all conclude that I just wasn't born with the genes (I thank my short Mexican parents for that). For a girl of that height losing and gaining weight is a big deal. 5 pounds can make a hell of a difference. Lately I've been up and down on the scale. Summer last year I was plumpler at around 138 (which is quite a lot for a little girl like me) but then July I decided to stop eating meat for the love of animals and unintentionally lost 12lbs. Did you read that? TWELVE pounds, on a girl who is 5ft?? That's like a miracle. Lately, however, I think I've gained some weight again, not think I know, I can feel it. I haven't checked the scale because, frankly, I'm afraid to. I was SO proud of losing that weight, that seeing me weigh anymore might make me sad. So I was curious, what do you do to lose weight? What sort of exercises do you enjoy and find the most result in? Or are you just lucky and was born with the pretty people gene? I'm thinking of joining a class like kick-boxing or spin class.

-I've recently bought and have been digging the new Maroon 5 cd. It's quite swell! It has the right amount of love songs &songs that make you feel bad-ass. 
- I have been HOOKED on Vampire Diaries. I thought I really liked Pretty Little Liars? Oh no, my friends. You do not know drama and a phenomenal story line until you have watched Vampire Diaries. I know what you're thinking, ew it's like Twilight, I'm so done with Vampires, etc, because that's exactly what I thought which is why I refused to watch it last year but since the hype (at least in my mind) has died down a bit, I watched it with a friend. Now let me tell you 1st of all the books that it is based off of is OLDER than Twilight, and 2nd of all it is NOTHING like Twilight. I recently had a research project in english about vampires (we're reading Dracula) and I compared the characteristics of modern vampires and they truly are nothing alike, I recommend 100000x!I do warn that the first episode is a teensy bit twilighty, but everything after that is not. But I mean, it has Ian Somerhalder in it, do you NEED any more reason than that?? How could ever resist those sultry, icy blue eyes?
- Lastly, I have a confirmed crush on my english teacher. Is that wrong? I mean I KNOW nothing could ever happen and not like I would want it to, but he is just so quirky and interesting. He has so much knowledge about british literature and knows so much about movies and appreciates older films. He has the cutest smile and is just adorable! He is witty and funny and everything in between. If only he was younger and not married and didn't have 2 children. OH WELL! haha! By the way this isn't my first crush on an english teacher of mine. Sophomore year of high school, I had another crush on an english teacher. He, too, was quirky and he played guitar and was just awkwardly cute. I'm a weird 18 year old girl who has crushes on oder men, what can ya do?

P.S. AGAIN - I am SOOO sorry about the lack of outfit posts. Once my friend Valerie is back home and things are back to normal I can start posting outfits! Bear with me hear!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm not one to shop at forever 21. I have this weird thing with buying things that other people will also have. I'm really big on having one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else has. I like to think that what I'm wearing can only be seen on me. BUT there are those instances where I find something in a mall or department store and I have to have it. Recently I went to Forever 21 with my friend Valerie from Germany because they don't have too many of them over there and I found some things I just had to have. I got this super cool hat for just $7.99
I got these bracelets for $6.80
and finally I got this necklace for also $6.80
Now let me tell you, buying ANYTHING of color is an accomplishment for me, BELIEVE ME.
So buying this necklace was a huge deal. I also got two new shirts today from TJ MAX. I need to stop myself! haha


Monday, April 18, 2011

Fehlende in Aktion.

Hey lovely friends! So I may be a little MIA this week or two. I have company! My friend from Celle, Germany has arrived for Spring Break and is staying at my house. I have been way too busy taking her places and making sure she isn't bored! I'll try to do an outfit post tomorrow, maybe. We;re going down to the strip to go shopping, so we shall see! Sorry, I've been super flaky lately! 

P.S. Has anyone of you guys ever gotten a fake I.D. I've never really seen one in real life and lately I've been curious about them, I mean do people actually use them anymore? What are your encounter? 
P.P.S This is my first blog post as an 18 year old!!

Auf Wiedersehen,

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Immortals

I've begun to draw again which is the best feeling ever. At first my drawings were only about the clothes but lately I've felt more compelled to the details of the whole drawing and not just the clothes alone. I add more to the face and the hair. Recently the hair is sort of the focal point of my lovely ladies. I've created a new batch of drawings called The Immortals.  The group of ladies are quite different from my normal drawings. They have faces and are a lot shorter and a bit thicker than girls I normally draw. (more ex: here and here) For some reason I enjoy making them odd looking with some exaggerated features.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

So I know I already posted about dogs but this ones real small but SUPER important! A dog-sled company in Whistler, British Columbia, ordered the killing of 100 dogs in April, 2010, when bookings for adventure tourism slumped after the Olympic Games. They couldn't afford all of the healthy sled dogs so they slaughtered them. HERE is a petition that is for the prevention of animal cruelty in British Columbia. I and the hundreds of future animals will be grateful to everyone who signs the petition.
Okay, Now I PROMISE tomorrow I will have a normal post.
Thanks for you help and support!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

something dear to my heart

To everyone who follows me, I hope you are all aware that although this blog is predominately about my style and life it is also a blog about my personal feelings and isn't always just about clothes. So with that in mind I would like to bring a subject dear to my heart to light. I am indeed a friend of animals and would love to just enlighten you about the benefits of adopting, and not just buying, a loving pet.

"This year, animal shelters will be forced to kill millions of wonderful dogs and cats for want of one thing: a good home. Why? Because many of the people in your local dog park or veterinary waiting room—people who truly love their dogs and cats—have behaved irresponsibly by obtaining an animal from a pet shop or breeder and failing to have him or her spayed or neutered.
These are the people who are responsible for taking the lives of homeless animals—not your local shelter workers. Buying a dog or cat from a breeder or pet shop contributes to the death rate in shelters.
When people buy a dog or cat, perhaps they think that homeless animals don't factor into their purchase, or perhaps they are honestly oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of animals who are waiting on death row at that very moment. They have room in their home and heart that could be filled by rescuing one of those wonderful, loving dogs or cats who were booted out, got lost, or fell victim to a human's accident or death. They would have felt that animal's gratitude for years to come.
There is one more way in which people add to the crisis, and that is by fooling themselves into thinking that it doesn't count if they breed their dog or cat just one time. But it does matter very much. Please join PETA in calling on the governors of all 50 states to endorse mandatory spay-and-neuter laws that would require dogs and cats to be sterilized unless their owners purchase an annual breeding permit—the cost of which would fund low-cost spay-and-neuter services."
Now just because you currently own an animal that you bought from a pet shop or breeder doesn't mean you're some cruel killer with no heart, we are just uninformed. But I cannot urge enough to just make sure to spread the word about the benefits about adopting and spraying and neutering. Thank you dearly, from the bottom of my little heart if you read this. 
A blog post about prom will be up soon to counterbalance my blog haha

With much love and sympathy,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The open road, the path of greatness. It's at your fingers.

Sorry for my SUPER long hiatus. I'm back and ready to continue blogging. It's good to have my parents home again after everything and it feels great. So this month is my birthday month! Yes you read right birthday month. My mother has raised me to celebrate birthday months because a day is simply not enough to recognize your lovely life. So on the 17th I will be turning 18 years old.  The only thing that keeps bugging me is that throughout my life I have associated my birthday with the end of the school year and it's crazy to think that soon, in two months, I will be graduating. I'm not sure how to digest it all. I'm definitely ready to move on in my life. Back to my birthday, I'm thinking of having a small get-together with friends and then an ultra super intimate dinner with family and friends. OR I could take advantage of my surroundings and go to a show here in Vegas like LOVE at the Mirage or Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian, or maybe even Frank Sinatra at the Wynn. Any suggestions on what to the for my 18th? What did all of you do?
(Sorry for the blurry photos.)
Headwrap - TJMAX (my mothers)
Jacket - Rhapsodielle
Shirt -Hotties
Skirt - Rhapsodielle
Socks - Walmart
Boots - Rack Room Shoes
Necklace - Armani Exchange
Ring - Swapmeet