Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Darling

This is my sweet little tomato. She is the core of my heart. Without her I'm not sure how I would function, seriously. Everyone in my household knows that I am her mother, she follows me everywhere I go. She's twelve which is like 84 in people years. I introduce you to Princess. (common name, I know, whatevs!)
So besides my lovely dog I actually have more to say.
FIRST: My dearest friend Mandy referred me to a member of her church for a babysitting job. She has two little girls, one 5yrs and the other 3yrs. She lives not too far and would need me for evenings, she told me she would text me her schedule so I can come over and just to get the jist of things and see how it's all done like bedtime, dinner, etc. I cannot wait! 
SECOND: I will be visiting Carson City, NV this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday for a government field trip. I am way too excited for this. Apparently the court judges are there at City Hall to go over Nevada's Budget which only happens once every however-many-years so my government teacher was thrilled about that. Plus I've lived in Nevada my whole life and NEVER have been to the state capital. I can only imagine what I will learn on the tours and just from visiting the City. None of my friends are really going which I'm kind of happy about because this feels like something I want to do alone (you know, besides the other Seniors going haha). I'll make sure to take photos!



Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

awww what an adorable dog!

<3 steffy

Allie said...

What a cute dog! Is she some sort of spaniel? I want a dog so badly, I can't wait to move into an apartment that allows them.

Mademoiselle Antonova said...

an interesting little blog you've got here... i do love courts, judges, and all the 'boring' things like that... i am also horrible at texting back... but I try!
oh, and your 'sweet little tomato' is adorable!
for all the above-stated reasons, i'm your new follower ;)

Kristie said...

Such beautiful photos of a beautiful dog! And have fun on your trip. :)

Rosy P. said...

@Steffy thank you! shes my love!
@Allie indeed she is. She is an American Cocker Spaniel. They make great indoor dogs, she hardly ever barks and when she does I love it because I never get to hear it haha
@Antonova thank you &right? it's all just fascinating I also try to text back but fail. I need to work on it lol. thank you for following! (:
@Kristie thank you so much! &I definitely will (:

Joka said...

cute doooooog!!!i want one :)

Gaby said...

Cute dog! I love dogs I have two myself!
- Gaby

Raindrops on Rosy said...

AAAAAAWE! I love your "lovely tomato" I have one of my own...her name is Princess...and No! I'm not 7 I didnt name 7 year old niece did. I lalalalallove dogs and yours is just adorable!


Babe, I am so sorry I didn't contact you over the weekend while I was in Vegas! I didn't have internet access but I should've gotten your number before I left. I'm sure I'll be visiting again within the next couple months though, and we'll make plans. Promise!

Anyway, your dog is so sweet. I love animals! This makes me miss my parents' pets back in Michigan.

Congrats on the job! And that field trip sounds exciting. You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back. :)
Twitter @theloudermouth

Lesley said...

your dog is absolutely precious!

the field trip sounds great, have lots of fun! oh, and maybe learn something, too hehe :)

Dylana Suarez said...

So cute!


amy said...

This made my day! The dog is absolutely the cutest thing... ahh precious furry creatures :)

love amy ^.^