Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old is new to you

So Tuesday after hearing about my grandfathers death I got pulled out of school early to help my mother and father book a flight to Mexico and take them to the airport. Afterwards I couldn't handle being alone with my thoughts so I decided to go downtown and go thrifting. I went to this thrift shop called Assistance League Thrift Shop on Charleston and Torrey Pines and it was very neat and cute. I got everything that I did for $33. I didn't go to school yesterday, instead I stayed home and slept in. I ended up going to Walmart to buy supplies to create a photo album of my grandfather for my mom. Hopefully she likes it, I don't want it to make her sad. So before I show you what I bought I would like to introduce you to my grandfather. He always wore a hat, snored super loud, and rode his bike to the bakery first thing in the morning to get more pan de dulce when he found out my sister and I ate it all the night before. He could say a couple of stuff in english and had the coolest things to say. Whenever I would sleep I would hope that I could fall asleep before he did so I wouldn't hear his snoring, now, what I would give to hear him snore once more. I love him and will forever miss him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life and Death.

We do not pass away, we pass on to heaven towards the Lord.

Dear readers/friends, I know that I've been gone for a good week and a half ish but everything has been hectic with my trip to Carson City and then school and now something even huger and traumatic has come up. My grandfather (my mother's father) passed away earlier this morning around 7am. It's hard to cope with while still going to school and just trying to go on with the day. My mother and father have already left on the first plane to Mexico. It is all so devastating and it's difficult to even compose this post without any tears involved. Please forgive me if I don't update so much. I have an outfit post and a thrifting haul post to come so please, just bare with me.
Please keep my loving mother in your prayers.

With love and hope,

Carson City

I've been gone for a good week and boy was it an awesome week. Tuesday night at 12 we left for Carson City for a government field trip. It started off kind of weird. The first day was not at all how I wanted it to go, the tours of the State Legislature and Supreme court were amazing but everything at the hotel was chaotic. I had an anxiety attack just being there (well that's not the whole truth for the anxiety but I'll keep the true reason to myself). My friend Sam and I decided to get out of the hotel and roam around this little city in search of the towns best pizza by asking locals. We wondered and walked into many places. Carson City sure does have character. The next day we went back to the Supreme Court to watch a trial in action, government never looked so cool. We then took a tour of the Captiol Building and had the most adorable tour guide, Jan. Overall I think the whole trip was a success.
Here's what you really want to know. I'm not really one to wear pajamas out in public so while the rest of the kids wore their pajamas for the nine hour drive, I opted on wearing a black high skirt with an "L.A. <3's me"shirt, my leather jacket, and combat boots. Next we had to change into something more appropriate for the tour so I wore basically what I did when I went to Serendipity. The next day I wore this outfit for the Supreme Court/Capitol Building tour and the ride back home.
She's on twitter during a committee meeting bahaha

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Darling

This is my sweet little tomato. She is the core of my heart. Without her I'm not sure how I would function, seriously. Everyone in my household knows that I am her mother, she follows me everywhere I go. She's twelve which is like 84 in people years. I introduce you to Princess. (common name, I know, whatevs!)
So besides my lovely dog I actually have more to say.
FIRST: My dearest friend Mandy referred me to a member of her church for a babysitting job. She has two little girls, one 5yrs and the other 3yrs. She lives not too far and would need me for evenings, she told me she would text me her schedule so I can come over and just to get the jist of things and see how it's all done like bedtime, dinner, etc. I cannot wait! 
SECOND: I will be visiting Carson City, NV this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday for a government field trip. I am way too excited for this. Apparently the court judges are there at City Hall to go over Nevada's Budget which only happens once every however-many-years so my government teacher was thrilled about that. Plus I've lived in Nevada my whole life and NEVER have been to the state capital. I can only imagine what I will learn on the tours and just from visiting the City. None of my friends are really going which I'm kind of happy about because this feels like something I want to do alone (you know, besides the other Seniors going haha). I'll make sure to take photos!