Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Somebody Told Me

Todays post isn't so much about my outfit as it is about my hair. Back in middle school (what I like to call the "lost" years) I straightened my hair a lot and couldn't go a day with curly hair. Come freshman year of high school and all of that is washed away. I joined cross country freshman year and no way could I straighten my hair everyday, it would completely damage it. So I had to tough it out and go au natural. Eventually it grew on me and I ended up LOVING my natural hair. Ever since then I don't really straighten it and I make it sort of big deal when I do. I usually straighten it about once year and when I do, boy, people go crazy. I couldn't go one class without someone commenting/complimenting it. I'm not going to lie .... I liked the attention!

I love how long my hair has gotten. It literally falls to the small of my back.



I love your long locks. So pretty, both straight and curly! My hair is naturally curly as well, and literally takes two hours to blow-dry and straighten. It's a waste of time, so I just let it go :)

But I'm the same way... once in awhile I decide to do it and everyone says something!

Do you have Twitter? I'd love to keep in touch with you as the Vegas meetup gets closer! Mine is @theloudermouth.

Christina said...

very pretty! and great action shots!



Judy said...

gorgeous hair!!


E said...

Your hair is GORGEOUS! You should straighten them more often, I mean why not? I know it's not good for tha hair, but whatever, I do it everyday for the last 4 years and so far nothing has happened!
Im following you now, please follow me back!

Elena from http://theonewiththefashion.blogspot.com

Marella said...

You look stunning dear!

Vivi Becker said...

Love ur pics! xoxo

W. said...

i love your blog, we can follow each other!


JMay said...

God I loveeeee your hair.

Rosy P. said...

@Stephanie thank you so much lovely! I feel the same wayy haha and yea mine it viarosy
@Christina thank you dearr! (:
@Judy Thank you! (:
@Elena yea I went back to curly the other day and I realized how much I really like my hair straight.
@Marella thank you!
@Vivi thank you!
@w. tank you lovely!
@JMay thank you soo muchh (:

Miss_Sweetheart said...

I <3 your skirt! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am admiring your hair too! I also had a lot of damage from straightening my hair and I had to cut it to my chin. Waiting for it to grow back natural...

what is your ethnicity?

Rosy P. said...

@stephanie sorry for the late reply but I am Mexican (: