Monday, February 21, 2011

Read me like an open book.

Day 3 of being alone and I'm not sick of it. I sort of really enjoy it. I find myself worrying about my dog (she's old, 12 yrs, and has a small bladder so sometimes she cant hold it in and she's practically blind) a lot more than I did before. I hate leaving the house knowing she'll be by herself. Isn't she adorable? 
Sweater - Ross
Shirt - Threadless
Skirt - Rhapsodielle
Combat Boots - L.A.
Red bag - Garage sale ($1!!)
Red Lipstick - Revlon: Certainly Red

Being alone is exactly what I thought it would be except it isn't. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm definitely not ready to be on my own but I do know that I need more independence, after all I am only 17 and will be turning 18 in April. Although to society I will be an adult, let's face it, 18 year olds are still babies. They're just out of high school and are still unaware of themselves. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm more mature than my peers and that I'm beyond them blah blah blah. No. I understand that although my mind thinks like 36 year old my body is still only 17 and I am not completely ready to get out there. I know everyone matures differently but I can't help to look at the people I know who are 18 and act like they know it all and think to myself that they still have so much to learn. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense at all. All I know for sure is that, I'm very excited for the future and what it entails for my growth as a person.



Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

Rosy! Thanks for commenting me and leading me here your outfit is adorable! I would totally wear it! I am going to follow you <3

<3 steffy

Lesley said...

boots! they are adorable. i'm really wishing for a pair of combat boots recently.

Margaret said...

woah, your outfit is awesome ! <3

BEKAH said...

i LOVE your style!

Rosy P. said...

@Steffy You;re welcome my dear! I love your blog too (:
@Lesley You should definitely invest in a pair, they're my favorite pair.
@Margaret Thank you so much!!
@Bekah I digg your style to!

Claire Alexandra said...

love your boots and your bag! Your blog is amazing!


Miss_Sweetheart said...

So Cuttte! I cant believe you found that bag for $1! So Lucky! :D

Anonymous said...

I love your combat boots, I also have a pair from all saints!

Sarai said...

aww your dog is adorable my heart just went all warm haha nice outfit and I love your hair xo

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that you realize that you still have a lot to learn makes you MUCH more mature then your peers :). Anyway I love the outfit! Those boots are great! I've been looking to get a good pair of combat boots for a while now. My sister gave me the idea after she bought a pair of
gore-tex Chukkas hiking boots and started wearing them with really girly clothes as a sharp contrast. It made me miss the combat boots I wore my Freshman year before they got destroyed and so I'm on the hunt for a deal on a new pair!