Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly Television Drama

I'm not one to watch TV on a regular basis. My favorite tv show is The O.C. and thats not even on the air anymore. Heck, I didn't even watch it when it WAS on air! Tv never really could hold my attention enough to go back every week. The only program I watch daily are reruns of The Office. So during the summer when Pretty Little Liars started I was all into it for the first three episodes and then left for Mexico and completely forgot about it! So when I found out that there was a marathon yesterday you better believe I started watching it and now I'm obsessed! I love Aria's style (& love life haha). It's edgy with feminine elements to it and totally rocks! I'm usually afraid of color but have been inspired to explore with it! Until then this is how I looked like on the first Monday back to school.
Sorry for the horrible shots. I take my photos myself so its hard to focus and set the right aperture and shutter speed by your lonesome.
Leather Jacket - Rhapsodielle
Gray Sweater Wrap - Burlington Coat Factory
Dress - Marshalls
Socks - Walmart?
Combat Boots - Boutique in LA
Belt - Vintage
Ring - Sunset Station
Mineral Rock Necklace -swapmeet


P.S. Pride &Prejudice is my love!


Kirstin Marie said...

I think you look amazing, Rosy!! I love this outfit, its so pretty. I haven't been watching TV at all lately. I think the last time I looked at a TV was over the weekend when I watched a movie..

Kirstin Marie

Stefany said...

I think you captured Aria's style quite well! I'm also addicted to the show haha. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your look. I didn't think Pretty Little Liars would hold my attention either, but I love it! Aria has great style and you capture it amazingly! Very cute!<3

minnja said...

This is so WOW :)))))))))



Anonymous said...

Rosy I love reading your blog! It's so interesting haha! Keep it up girl! (;

<3, Hillary.

Lesley, Lavender and Lace Vintage said...

the ring on your middle finger is my favorite. i love all the different textures to this outfit: the lace, the leather, the cotton blond.

not to mention you look adorable!

ps- pride & prejudice is simply the best.



Fashion Fabrice said...

Amazing outfit! Love the jacket & dress and that necklace is so pretty!:)
you have such a great blog by the way!i'm happy i ran into it:) I really like your style and reading your posts!
So i'm your newest follower:)
hope you visit me back and become my follower too!
Have a fabulous day!

Victoria Loraine said...

gorgeous post! your outfit looks like you should be in gossip girl :-)

V x


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Coco's Tea Party said...

Great outfit!

Hanna said...

another great outfit! :))

ps, following you now!