Thursday, January 6, 2011

We are the P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S!

The school I go to has a certain "uniform." I use the word uniform loosely mainly because they don't necessarily give us exact things to wear but rather more of a guideline. We can only wear the solid colors of red, white, navy blue and khaki to create a more focused and professional work space. Zip/Button up jackets and sweaters are allowed in any color but sweatshirts are meant to be red, white, navy blue & khaki. Oh! &so are tights but thats a little much so I don't follow that one (to be honest I have hard time following most of the dress code rules). It's really easy to blend in and look the same at my school so I attempt to add pizazz to my outfits. Yes, you read right. Pizazz!
This outfit was inspired by Aria from Pretty Little Liars. I know what you're thinking, this isn't something Aria would wear! But considering my restrictions, I think it would be haha.
Striped Sweater - Ross
Navy Blue Tank Top - Rhapsodielle
Khaki Skirt - Rhapsodielle
Brown Socks - Walmart
Black Boots - Rack Room Shoes
Studded Bag (I carry my school stuff in) - from LA
Class Ring - Jostens
Ring on middle finger - Gift from Vanessa
Ring on index - Vintage from my mother
Earrings - Vintage from my mother

Just two little mentions, first, you know on my last post the ring that wraps around my finger? I can't find it! I have another one sort of like it but it's not the same! Let's hope I missplaced it! Second, my class ring has a lot of back story to it but that's for a completely different post. Alright, I have to get off now to study for Statistics and read 3 chapters for a Government test tomorrow!

Au Revoir!


Erin Willett said...

Love this outfit! You look great :) Not a fan of your school's dress code though haha

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Thanks for the comment on my blog! You're gorgeous. Love the stripes :)

Also, I just ordered new glasses, about that size. I needed a change!


Jenny Ong said...

Very cute "uniform" :) you look adoorrrable for school attire!

Lesley, Lavender and Lace Vintage said...

as far as working with a pretty tight dress code, you're definitely making it work for you! you look fantastic!

also, i can see the style influence from here for sure. have you seen the show "skins"? it's a bbc teen drama and this outfit reminds me of the character "effy stonem".

what a shame about your ring! haha i really liked that one! i hope you find it.

Susan, Eclectic Appeal said...

love this outfit and the illustrations in your earlier post are amazing!I'll be following along :) xo

Adventures in Fashion said...

You're so adorable! So effortlessly cool... I'm so in love with your hair and glasses-- gorgeous!



Judy said...

love your outfit! especially your bag & earrings!


Rosy P. said...

@Jenny Thank you!! (:
@Lesley Thank you! I'm glad I can bring an element of Aria to my wardrobe haha I've never watched skins but I;ve seen tons of previews for it. & thank you about my ring, I hope I find it too (:
@Vickie thank you!! Its my natural hair and prescription glasses (:
@Judy Thank you! My earrings are from my mothers closet. shes a nice woman hahaha

kendal croix. said...

very cool.

Imogen said...

Wow you're super stylish I love your top and beautiful jewellery. You have very gorgeous hair too. Great blog.

JoJo said...

i love the stripes!

and those earrings are just too lovely!


Nuha Sofiyan said...

I love your glasses!! I dont watch pretty little liars but I think Aria is gorgeous!

Barttart said...

I am in love with all of your outfits!! Very inspirational :)