Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch.

I know I've pointed out that I'm a sap and a sucker for love, but if you didn't believe me before, you will now. During my sophomore year I decided that I wanted to get a class ring because 1) I wanted something to represent my high school years and who I am/was &2)I just love rings. Deciding on what to put on this ring took me forever, I couldn't decide because once I did, that would finalize it and there would be no turning back, as if it's the end of the world. I'm over-dramatic like that. There has NEVER been a time where someone has asked to see my ring and NOT asked about it. I'm pretty sure I've explained it about 3 million times and each time I get embarrassed doing so.
The first side says Romeo with my graduation year, facing away/outwards.
The side that faces inward towards me says &Juliet with a palette.
&engraved inside is my name.

The story behind my ring goes like this:
Freshman year I fell in love with the play by William Shakespeare, Romeo &Juliet. The way it was written and the words spoken between the two lovers and their admiration for each other just took my heart. It is the root of most love stories today. That's one reason but the next reason is more of why I decided to go with Romeo &Juliet. This ring is worn by me at all  hours of everyday. It's sort of always there to remind me that I deserve nothing less than a Romeo. Someone who has an intense passion and love for me as Romeo did for Juliet. It reminds me that true love is something so rare and special that its more than worth waiting for. There's no need to jump from guy to guy. This ring reminds me to be patient. Therefore the Romeo side faces outwards to represent that Romeo is out there in this world while Juliet faces me. I chose a ruby as the stone because: my birthstone is a diamond and diamonds are no fun, my favorite color it red, &lastly red symbolizes passion and love. Oh gosh, I'm getting embarrassed just typing this. 

Anyone could have gotten their mascot and school name on the sides but I wanted my ring to mean something more to me.


P.s. If you're wondering, the palette represents my passion for art. Whether it be visual, performance, you name it. My life is dedicated to art.



I love this! What a beautiful story behind your ring. My high school was actually called Romeo High School -- my town was called Romeo -- and when I saw your ring I freaked a little! Haha. I also had a red stone because that was our school color! But my ring had instruments on one side, and a cross on the other -- which is slightly embarrassing because I was a band geek and I'm not very religious anymore. But it does remind me of who I once was, which is cool! :)

I can't believe you're just graduating high school this year -- you're so mature for your age! You are so much prettier and more stylish than I was in high school. I didn't know how to dress at all! My love for fashion didn't blossom until college.

Yvonne said...

Wow - this is the BEST story I have ever heard about a class ring EVER!! It just melted my heart to read it. You are very mature to be thinking that way at your age. Good JOB!! I was an idiot at that age! I hope I have gotten a little smarter :D
Sweetest ring story > period!

Rosy P. said...

@Stephanie Thank you! Wow what an awesome town name, I'm jealous!!! haha our school colors are red white and blue so I sort of had school spirit going on lol. I always get that! too many people have said that I have an older soul in a youthful body. I'm not sure why I'm like this, even my sister (whos 21) says its weird how I act for my age. I don't know about prettier! I'm pretty sure you were gorgeous! Everyone develops a sense of style at their own pace. I think it comes to you when you finally realize who you are UNDER the skin.

@Yvonne Thank You soooo much! I love it when people have good things to say about my rings story. I like to believe I think this way because I've allowed the Lord into my life fully, plus my brain is weird and is wired wrong or something haha. I'm sure you've gotten much smarter and beautiful!

JMay said...

Such a beautiful story, that ring is so fierce!!! Loved reading this this morning :-)

Gayle said...

What a unique class ring! You totally inspired me to post pictures of mine...if I can find it, that is. Hehe.

-Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

Gloria G. said...

How is this embarrassing when I think it is one of the coolest story about class rings I've ever read! One of a kind. *thumbsup*