Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dead Man's Bones

I know my blog is primarily about style and clothing but man oh man this is too great NOT to talk about. A couple years back I watched The Notebook for the first time ever, me being the love sap that I am, it easily became my favorite movie of all time (along with Pride &Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet...see a pattern?) I instantly fell in love with Ryan Gosling, but I mean who didn't? So, naturally, being the creeper that I am, I started to look up more information about him and his life. I found out that he was in a band called Dead Man's Bones. I always told myself that I would look into it but never did. It was just until a couple of days ago that I actually heard a song and boy, did I go crazy! It has an old indie sound to it and it's definitely really weird and eerie. For me to like an artist or band I have to really like the vocals. They have to be different in their own way. Ryan Gosling has a voice of his own that is FOR SURE, plus the cutie Zach Shields? Perfect.

In The Room Where You Sleep - Dead Man's Bones

another song I highly recommend is Dead Man's Bones. Enjoy!


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Wow, what a multi-talented man! Such a great actor, too. This is awesome, thanks :)
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