Sunday, December 26, 2010

They know me too well.

This year I have been blessed so blessed. With all cheesy Christmas isn't only about presents speech aside this is what I got for Christmas:
My brother gave me this really cool photo frame thing.
My dad has these points from his job and with those points you could order things like books, movies, cds, etc. I got The Maine-Black &White, The Killers-Sawdust, The O.C. Mix 5 Soundtrack, and Carolina Liar-Coming to Terms.
I also got Becoming Jane and Atonement with the points. I'm a sucker for a love movie and anything with James Mcavoy in it!
Also with the Points I got the Kings of Leon-Come Around Sundown &Brandon Flowers-Flamingo vinyls. My sister gifted me the Lady Gaga Vinyl!
My sister also got me a book about the Kennedy Brothers because after watching JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America I became obsessed! With the rest of the points I got Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen and Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly.
My parents got me this sweet cape looking shawl that looks very gypsy meets dragon haha.
The rest of the gifts are from my dear friends.
This is from Danielle. She gave me my favorites and a movie gift card for my recent movie obsession!
This poster is from Luann. I died.
This last gift is from Raven. The cup has yummy candies inside. This was real cute and creative.
And Lastly I got my Canon EOS 500D. Over all it was an amazing Christmas! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.



Victoria Loraine said...

kings of leon are the best!

V x

JMay said...

Vinyl records for Christmas are the best :-) There's nothing like listening to a record with a glass of wine :-)

New to your blog & I love following! xo