Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweet Treasures

so I went to MANY garage sales today and BOY let me tell you, people have some GREAT stuff to sell away for extremely cheap. I absolutely LOVE buying used things and whats funny is that my mom absolutely hates it! She doesn't understand why I would buy something used and dirty. I tell her that 1)Who cares is someone used it? &2) You can always clean it!  first I got:
-An AWESOME black high waisted skirt for $1

-a sparkly dress (which i will be making some major alterations to) for $3

-I bought a red bag for $1

-A sweet vintage make up case for $2

-a cool black wallat + a lost earing(i made into a ring) &black buttons(not pictured) for a dollar

Such a great and successful day <3

Adieu, Rosy

1 comment:

Allie Garcia said...

right? buying used stuff that has no value to someone else, and so much value to you makes ya feel like you won the lottery!