Sunday, December 19, 2010

Show me your teeth.

As promised, here are the photos of the jewelry my mother gave me some days ago.
So this first pair of earrings are my favorite out of the bunch. They look so cool and different from anything I've ever seen. I wore them both days in L.A. and even the day after that. Today and yesterday I chose to not wear them and give my poor little ears a break. They are pretty heavy.
The rest are in order from the one I like the most and the one that I don't like the most, I dont want to say least, well, because I love them all just differently.
These ones are sweet little gems! they're cute little conch looking earrings ha.
This watch and bracelet is from my Quinceanera.
I got this bag from L.A. for $25. It's my first bag that I've bought in a while that is actually new and not used. I love it so much.
This next jewelry piece was a necklace and I made it into a ring but the band broke off so now I'm currently looking for a new one but this is what it will look like.

So yup, I think that was all of it. It was a nice early Christmas surprise!
Thanks mom!



WAYOUT said...

They're beautiful, I really love the earrings right at the top but they look SO heavy! I suck at wearing heavy earrings :( but sometimes I guess we've just got to suffer to look good.

Rosy Pichardo said...

Oh my gosh! They are soo heavy! haha after I like 5 hours they hurt but I'm getting used to them (: