Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our finest gifts we bring.

Merry Christmas!
I am writing this with practically 20 minutes left in the day so it still counts! Christmas was Ah-Mazing. Best Christmas yet. I got tons of gifts, blah, blah, blah, but the best part was how much fun it was with my familia. They're the silliest group of blood I've got. I will a post tomorrow on all of the items I got for Christmas but let me share with you all my most largest gift this Christmas (that I paid half for but worth it!). My papa got me a Canon T1i. He's a good great guy. I took photography lessons last year and have a Canon AE-1 and LOVE it to death, trust me, I just don't have the luxury of having a darkroom for my film and I mean come on, who doesn't love instant gratification photos? Here are just a couple. Enjoy! May the good Lord bring the gifts and lessons you need.

Oddly enough, I find using a film camera SO much more easier than a digital one.
My Canon AE-1 is my baby for life!


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