Monday, December 27, 2010

Mo Moneh, Mo Problems.

Today I went to the bank and boy was it a wake up call. I learned that I have used roughly around $1500 and need to transfer my cash from my savings into my checking or else I get charged a $10 fee. I'm so dumb. Oh well, it's a good thing I found out about this now. I will definitely be spending less that is for sure. I will only spend on the essentials: movie rentals and music ;)
Lately my look has been real dark gypsy inspired. I have been wearing tons of jewelry and shawls and tons of black (With the occasional red lip). I kind of digg it, I feel so free and that I can steal someones wallet or heart if I wanted. Either one. Alright let's be honest, I don't have the guts OR looks to steal anyones heart.

On me:
Earrings -Vintage (my moms closet)
Necklaces - Cross(Quinceanera)
-Feather from Gypsy Den
Rings - Left hand: class ring &a ring from Mandy
-Right hand: Pearl ring from Vanessa, Swirly ring from Sunset
-Watch & bracelet from Quinceanera
Shawl -Burlington Coat Factory
Belt - Vintage
Skirt underneath - Thrifted

Au Revoir,


Alexia said...

LOVING your blog :)

Rosy Pichardo said...

thanks deary! I love your blog too (:

Ray said...

You are certified crazy, my dear. You are beautiful enough to steal the hearts of many! And don't get down on yourself about not having the guts to steal. :D That's a good thing! Ahahaha. I love your writing--it's witty, funny, and inspiring. I'm digging the gypsy look, too. I'm always wearing dark colors--in fact, all of my new clothing is dark and grunge luxe. And red lips? I've got it all the time! I'm glad you've found me through IFB. You have a great blog!

Rosy P. said...

Wow. You truly made my day! Thank You so much! Sincerely from the bottom of me little heart (although in realty I would hope its large). I currently only have the guts to wear red lips outside of school. But I'm mustering up the guts! You're so kind and sweet, truly! I'm glad I found you too! I love your blog as well (:

Ana said...

Though this post is a little late, I completely agree! I absolutely LOVE your style and your blog! You are crazy gorgeous, and don't forget it. Keep up the good work! :-)