Saturday, December 18, 2010


First things first!
I apologize for not posting the pictures of my new jewelry. I was way busy and it was the same day as I left for California so a blog about those will be posted tomorrow. Promise. Anyways...

California. Need I say more? I only live 4 hours away from Los Angeles but this week was the first time I had actually gone as a tourist. Usually my family goes to some beach or East L.A. but this time we went to Hollywood! I felt so weird being there, some sort of surreal feeling came over me. Everyone was so beautiful and everything looked interesting. I didn't take much pictures because I'm horrible when it comes to remembering to take photos. but here are just a couple.
This is my L.A. wear. I felt like when in L.A. I had to go all out.
The drive from Las Vegas to L.A. was awesome. There was so much fog that you didnt know where exactly you were going but you knew you were going somewhere. Does that make sense? haha.
Unfortunately this was the only picture I took of Hollywood. Like I said, I suck at remembering to take pictures. Good ones at that.
OH! and I also bought Combat Boots! hip hip hooray! They were only $25 in L.A. Fashion District.

I was extremely overwhelmed by what Cali had to offer. I then began to think.. If I am overwhelmed by California, how in the world am I going to be able to move to New York? New York would give me a heart attack! I still have a couple years to think about it. Until then I will be preparing for my next blog and the next one after that. I have many things to say and just not enough time.

Au Revoir,

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