Friday, December 31, 2010

Dreaming of Revelry.

Happy New Years Eve!
Where has this year gone? I swear I could remember last new years like it was yesterday. Weird how life sometimes slaps you in the face and bluntly says "I'm here." This year has definitely faced me with many trials and triumphs. All of which I have grown immensely from. Not only have I grown mentally but also physically. I just realized that makes it sound like I got fatter. What I meant is that as I grew as a person and began to truly realize who I am I think style then follows. My style has grown and my sense of self has grown also.
Leather Jacket - Rhapsodielle
Dress - Buffalo Exchange
Socks - I have no idea
Combat Boots - Some boutique in L.A.
Beret - Walmart
Cross Necklace - Quinceanera
the Medium Necklace - from my friends Luann
Feather Necklace - Gypsy Den
Studded Bag - bought in L.A.

So I bid 2010 Adieu,


Emecè said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice Blog ;D
Happy new year!

A kiss from :


Rosy P. said...

Thank You! (: Happy New Year my dear!

Jasmin said...


Mary Grein said...

LOVE the look! Obsessed with that bag!


ur outfit rocks! love your glasses, super cute

ainikki said...

I love your dark outfits:-) Black looks good on you. Happy New Year.

Kirstin Marie said...

Cute outfit! Love your bag!!! Thanks for your friend request on IFB :) Great blog!!

Kirstin Marie

Jan said...

Wow thanks for your lovely comment!
Haha I'm happy you didn't really die, I would feel way too guilty ;)

Your outfit is also great!
Love that leather jacket combined with the boots and socks!
And those feathers really are the finishing touch, great job you did ^^

Btw your hair is beautiful!

Victoria Loraine said...

Leather jacket is lush! + your hair


Samantha said...

I absolutely love your outfit I had a similar one for new years too! haha! check out my blog I think you'd like it! I love yours