Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Access your necessities.

You can't really tell, but never the less!, I would love to take a moment
to acknowledge how long my nails are. Do you see those things?!
They have never been this long naturally in my entire life. I am proud!

Oh my golly gosh! Accessory OVER load! The perks of having a mother who was (and still is) fashionable back in her glory days are that you get all the sweet vintage clothes and accessories she's kept all these years. Our family is never shy when it comes to being open and sharing. Privacy was never a word in our family dictionary. I mean I would come home one day from school and my parents are in my room doing one of their intense clean ups and all of my things are all over the place. We never had secrets, and if we did we had to hide them well. If I wanted an accessory to wear I would go into her room and take it and wear it, if she saw me she would say "Of course! That's where it is! I should have known." She's never bitter about it and she's never been the type to say, "Why didn't you ask?!?" But the same goes for her. If she wants to take something of mine without asking she usually does.

Today she decided to give me this HUGE bag of earrings. I'm usually a ring and necklace kind of gal, it's not that I don't like earrings it's just that I'm particular with what kinds I wear. I'm not to fond of modern earrings, I'm very picky and can never find the perfect ones (I'm the same way with bags, but thats for another blog post). Before my mom gave me the bag of beauty I literally had about 3 pairs of earrings and one of them I never took off (diamond studded earrings I've been wearing since Sophomore year). I now have a collection of them! They were all so perfect and nothing like I had seen before. I wish I could show you them now individually but it's getting late and I have quite the amount of Government HW I have to do before I go to California, oh yea, did I mention I'm going to California? Anyways, this low quality webcam photo will have to do. More tomorrow! Toodles.


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