Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Revenge is sweet not fattening.

I recently decided to change my way of eating, well at least breakfast. Baby steps. I planned out 6 different meals for my mornings in any order I desire (Saturdays are my cheat days). My options are plain Ouaker Oatmeal that are 100 calories a packet, I figured if I got plain I could just add fruits and whatever I wanted, another option is Fruit Salad with orange juice, or a bowl of plain Cheerios, another one is mini cinnamon raisin bagel, or eggs, and lastly, toast with jelly. This way I have variety and I don't have to eat cereal every morning. I thought to myself, if I can give up meat (4 months going strong!) I can give up junk food. It's not that I have to lose weight, I just want to eat healthier and if the weight falls off, well hey!

I didn't have much time to post what I wore the other day. I had so much school work to do and just not enough time. Not to mention I took a very unwelcome nap that kept me asleep for a good 2 hours. Anyways I have a particular style, I enjoy skirts, leather jackets, and boots. Those are my main three essentials in life. Spring, Summer. Fall. Winter. Thats what I wear. I'm more interested in a sense of style rather than fashion and trends. So I'm not really one to wear the large belts with the zebra print and moccasin shoes. I'm not saying they're ugly, just that in 2 years will I still be wearing it? if not then why waste my money? I stay clear of that and go with classic pieces and neutrals. I'm a boring gal I know I can't help it.

 On me:
-a top I bought from Marshalls
-skirt from F21
-Knee high socks from Walmart
-Boots from Rack Room Shoes
-Pendant Necklace from Luann
-Pearl-like necklace from Luann, Reconstructed by me.
-Bag from Savers

Then today I just put something together this morning before school. 
On me: 
-Shirt from Marshalls
-Skirt & shoes from Burlington Coat Factory
-Necklace from Luann
-Ring on right index finger from Vanessa
-Ring on left index finger from my dad at the Rio.


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