Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Money.

I have this recent need for combat boots and wedges. It's like the Lord is calling me to them. OH and booties. Actually I think I'm just in the mood for clothing but cheap clothing, I hate using money haha. I'm usually a real penny pincher but when it comes to shoes, for some reason everything my parents have taught me about bargains and clearance sales finds its way out the door. I feel like shoes are the real investment in an outfit, everything else you can get thrifted or somewhere cheap. But anyways I wanted new clothes but didn't want to pay a dime so I went to the only store I know thats free, my mothers closet. I recently dug up some clothes that she doesn't wear anymore and I took the padding off of some and they make great layering pieces. Vintage from your mothers closet is the way to go. Recently I've been spending a LOT of money -_- I spent $14 for a necklace from the Gypsy Den and $5 for another necklace and then I bought two 50cent rings. I also bought a shirt from threadless Its a guys shirt but I never follow those rules anyways,
Anyways so back to shoes, I have been looking around and I found some shoes that I know I cannot live without and need to buy ASAP!
1) Senso from Solestruck - $189.95

You can seriously dress these up or down or left or right. They're a dream come true!
2) I want combat boots. Not these exactly but you get the point.

3)Lastly I want some shoes I thought I would never want in a million years.
Jeffrey Cambell - Lita from Solestruck - $159.95

Getting a job VERY soon. Mama Rosy needs new shoes <3

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