Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Alone

Today is just one of those days where I did not feel like doing anything! My hair is greasy, my make-up is a mess, just everything is gross. So I basically re-wore last nights outfit with a twist. Last night I went to my schools playoff football game and decided to get dressed up. I already knew that girls from my school would be wearing the typical Hollister/A&F sweatshirt/hoodie with ripped/True jeans paired with Ugg boots. Blegh. How boring. Anyways I decided to play with my outfit so I wore a white, layered, flowy shirt that I think I got from Ross. I also wore this really thick and warm tights that my mother bought me from T.J.MAX (note: I'm 5'1" so the shirt can pass off for a really small dress haha!) I paired that with the new booties I bought in the blog below. To top things off I wore my leather jacket I bought about 2 years ago from Rhapsodielle. (You'll soon come to see that I wear this jacket with everythingg.) 
So today, being the lazy person that I am, I decided to wear the same thing minus the tights and booties but switched it up with a black ruffled skirt underneath my shirt and the flats I bought the other day. For accessories I wore my class ring, a flower ring I bought for a dollar at the swap meet, a purple band I got for 50cents at First Friday and a bracelet or two. My favorite piece of jewelry though is the long feather necklace I bought at the Gypsy Den for $14. I have been wearing it to death lately. haha 
Excuse my messy room, It's a work in progess (:

Love Rosy

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chicfashionmix said...

when i was in school thats all the lil preppy girls wore it was so lame i use to think i had to wear stuff like that to be cool never could afford it anyway so i would rather look lame them look like a clone love ur style