Friday, December 31, 2010

Dreaming of Revelry.

Happy New Years Eve!
Where has this year gone? I swear I could remember last new years like it was yesterday. Weird how life sometimes slaps you in the face and bluntly says "I'm here." This year has definitely faced me with many trials and triumphs. All of which I have grown immensely from. Not only have I grown mentally but also physically. I just realized that makes it sound like I got fatter. What I meant is that as I grew as a person and began to truly realize who I am I think style then follows. My style has grown and my sense of self has grown also.
Leather Jacket - Rhapsodielle
Dress - Buffalo Exchange
Socks - I have no idea
Combat Boots - Some boutique in L.A.
Beret - Walmart
Cross Necklace - Quinceanera
the Medium Necklace - from my friends Luann
Feather Necklace - Gypsy Den
Studded Bag - bought in L.A.

So I bid 2010 Adieu,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mo Moneh, Mo Problems.

Today I went to the bank and boy was it a wake up call. I learned that I have used roughly around $1500 and need to transfer my cash from my savings into my checking or else I get charged a $10 fee. I'm so dumb. Oh well, it's a good thing I found out about this now. I will definitely be spending less that is for sure. I will only spend on the essentials: movie rentals and music ;)
Lately my look has been real dark gypsy inspired. I have been wearing tons of jewelry and shawls and tons of black (With the occasional red lip). I kind of digg it, I feel so free and that I can steal someones wallet or heart if I wanted. Either one. Alright let's be honest, I don't have the guts OR looks to steal anyones heart.

On me:
Earrings -Vintage (my moms closet)
Necklaces - Cross(Quinceanera)
-Feather from Gypsy Den
Rings - Left hand: class ring &a ring from Mandy
-Right hand: Pearl ring from Vanessa, Swirly ring from Sunset
-Watch & bracelet from Quinceanera
Shawl -Burlington Coat Factory
Belt - Vintage
Skirt underneath - Thrifted

Au Revoir,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

They know me too well.

This year I have been blessed so blessed. With all cheesy Christmas isn't only about presents speech aside this is what I got for Christmas:
My brother gave me this really cool photo frame thing.
My dad has these points from his job and with those points you could order things like books, movies, cds, etc. I got The Maine-Black &White, The Killers-Sawdust, The O.C. Mix 5 Soundtrack, and Carolina Liar-Coming to Terms.
I also got Becoming Jane and Atonement with the points. I'm a sucker for a love movie and anything with James Mcavoy in it!
Also with the Points I got the Kings of Leon-Come Around Sundown &Brandon Flowers-Flamingo vinyls. My sister gifted me the Lady Gaga Vinyl!
My sister also got me a book about the Kennedy Brothers because after watching JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America I became obsessed! With the rest of the points I got Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen and Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly.
My parents got me this sweet cape looking shawl that looks very gypsy meets dragon haha.
The rest of the gifts are from my dear friends.
This is from Danielle. She gave me my favorites and a movie gift card for my recent movie obsession!
This poster is from Luann. I died.
This last gift is from Raven. The cup has yummy candies inside. This was real cute and creative.
And Lastly I got my Canon EOS 500D. Over all it was an amazing Christmas! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.


Our finest gifts we bring.

Merry Christmas!
I am writing this with practically 20 minutes left in the day so it still counts! Christmas was Ah-Mazing. Best Christmas yet. I got tons of gifts, blah, blah, blah, but the best part was how much fun it was with my familia. They're the silliest group of blood I've got. I will a post tomorrow on all of the items I got for Christmas but let me share with you all my most largest gift this Christmas (that I paid half for but worth it!). My papa got me a Canon T1i. He's a good great guy. I took photography lessons last year and have a Canon AE-1 and LOVE it to death, trust me, I just don't have the luxury of having a darkroom for my film and I mean come on, who doesn't love instant gratification photos? Here are just a couple. Enjoy! May the good Lord bring the gifts and lessons you need.

Oddly enough, I find using a film camera SO much more easier than a digital one.
My Canon AE-1 is my baby for life!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lipstick isn't just for your mother.

I bought red lip stick!
Ever since I was in dance class freshman and sophomore year I had been afraid to buy red lipstick because for the shows we would have to wear it and I always felt like a clown. But I figured I felt like this for two reasons:
  1. I was wearing the wrong shade for my skin tone.
  2. We paired it with fake eyelashes, blush and purple eye shadow, need I say more?
but today I went to Ulta with my sister and my mom gave us her $20 gift card to get whatever we want. I decided to go for the unthinkable, a red lipstick! I'm glad I got it, I think it looks awesome! Especially since I wear a lot of black and it totally stands out. I can only wear it when I'm going out or on the weekends thought because I can guarantee the kids at school would think I'm weird or something. But that's fine with me!

I also bought TONS of stuff to make jewelry with I am so excited.
I bought these sweet Christmas decorations that I can easily make into rings or a necklace.
I got these mini ornaments I can make into earrings.
Some feathers for necklaces (I also got beads)
and I'm not sure what I would use this for but I'll think of something!
Hopefully they'll all come out awesome! 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a little bit more.

I don't know about you but I'm totally one of those last minute shoppers for the holidays, so much so that I usually give my gifts AFTER Christmas. Yea, I'm that person. But this year I'm determined not to be! Although Christmas is only 5 days away, there is still time to shop! The only difficult thing about shopping is that when I go, I never know what to get. So here are just a few ideas for gifts. My little list.

I think I will make today and tomorrow my Christmas shopping days. 


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Show me your teeth.

As promised, here are the photos of the jewelry my mother gave me some days ago.
So this first pair of earrings are my favorite out of the bunch. They look so cool and different from anything I've ever seen. I wore them both days in L.A. and even the day after that. Today and yesterday I chose to not wear them and give my poor little ears a break. They are pretty heavy.
The rest are in order from the one I like the most and the one that I don't like the most, I dont want to say least, well, because I love them all just differently.
These ones are sweet little gems! they're cute little conch looking earrings ha.
This watch and bracelet is from my Quinceanera.
I got this bag from L.A. for $25. It's my first bag that I've bought in a while that is actually new and not used. I love it so much.
This next jewelry piece was a necklace and I made it into a ring but the band broke off so now I'm currently looking for a new one but this is what it will look like.

So yup, I think that was all of it. It was a nice early Christmas surprise!
Thanks mom!